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Fast, High Precision Measurements

A Keyence CV-X combined with a 4-Axis SCARA Robot make up a fast and versatile surface inspection machine. A rotary tool bar to which Keyence cameras and lighting can be attached to perform surface inspection using top lighting, and dimensional checking using back lighting. 

Optionally, a Keyence LJ-V laser can be mounted allowing accurate height measurements to be made and displayed in 3D graphical form. Typically, 100 components may be inspected per minute with measurements to an accuracy of +/- 4 microns, surface defects down to 25 x 25 microns in area.


Management software developed by Microtech provides for the quick addition of new components that can optionally be developed off-line on a PC and then downloaded.

The system is supplied with a high level method of programming the required robot movements and transferring and archiving of statistical results data. Automatic calibration is provided for, and also ink jet marking of defective components.

Ideally suited to the 100% inspection of high precision micro etched or similar components produced in sheet form in any material.

Typical Vision Inspection Project